Three-steps Protection Approach for Your IoT Project

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CYBER3 provides three types of services for hardware projects that cover all important cybersecurity areas.

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Every device is a potential victim to cyber-attacks, leaving critical data, personal information, and trade secrets vulnerable. Even leaving an innocent smart device, such as a smart refrigerator, unprotected can easily enable attackers to target a specific device, such as laptop, which is part of a chain of attack. In this hyperconnected world, smart devices are evolving faster than the pace of security making them highly attractive for attackers to compromise. Whether you think of yourself as a security expert or novice you are helplessly exposed.

Security of smart devices is the number one priority because without consumer confidence there would be no smart devices. The implementation of our security measures stands up to the most rigorous attacks and is so sophisticated that even unknown methods of attacks are defended against.

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OWASP holds special IOT project

As of 2018

Millions of security cameras, baby monitors and “smart” doorbells are open to hijack

and vulnerable to bugs being insecured by design

As of April 29, 2019

What We Do

We are CYBER3. A team of cybersecurity experts and researchers. Our approach to hardware security is a combination of research, unique set of tools, and our own Bootcamp for new employees. Everything we do is backed up by thorough, continuous research, years of bug hunting and dozens of security projects.

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What We Do: Firmware security analysis Code auditing Consulting on architectural issues

Firmware security analysis

Firmware security analysis is a must when searching and eliminating relevant vulnerabilities in your firmware. This helps assess the device’s security from the adversary’s perspective. Firmware security analysis with the black-box method allows for discovering various vulnerabilities in the software code and configuration of your device.

Our approach

  • Code reverse engineering:
    • Code static analysis
    • Code dynamic analysis (emulation, taint analysis, etc.)
  • Using SMT solvers and Intermediate representation
  • Using existing fuzzers and writing new ones
  • Developing plug-ins for disassemblers and debuggers

Firmware security analysis allows for discovering such security issues as

  1. Integrated authentication data and other sensitive data
  2. Configuration vulnerabilities
  3. Memory corruption vulnerabilities
  4. Architectural vulnerabilities

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Code auditing

Code auditing is an incremental part of ensuring the security of a device. With the code of your applications audited, you will find out whether there are any vulnerabilities in your application that can be exploited by the adversary and, therefore, get an opportunity to minimize the risk of confidentiality violations as well as reputational risks.

Our approach:

  • Code analyzers
  • Manual code analysis conducted by highly-qualified specialists
  • Proprietary automatic tools for code analysis
  • White-box fuzzing with big code coverage

The service helps discover such major security issues as:

  1. Memory corruption vulnerabilities (buffer overflow, format string, use-after-free, etc.)
  2. Web vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, LFI\RFI, Path Traversal, SQL injection, Command Injection, etc.)
  3. Vulnerabilities in the way cryptographic functionality is used and implemented
  4. Logic vulnerabilities
  5. Design vulnerabilities

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Consulting on architectural issues

The earlier the information security of a device is addressed, the cheaper and easier it would be to maintain it at the required high level in future. In this view, we offer our assistance in creating devices with all necessary security measures thought of at the stage of architectural design.
The overwhelming majority of cybersecurity problems can be solved if best practices are properly adopted and main cybersecurity concepts are laid in the foundation of a device's architecture. By architecture, we mean both software and hardware components that constitute a device.

Our approach:

  • We peruse SoW
  • We work in close coordination with our client's engineers
  • We use vast experience our experts have gathered during numerous security analysis projects

Consulting on architectural issues allows for preventing such security issues as:

  1. Unused and redundant debugging mechanisms left by the device's developers (enable the adversary to conduct dynamic analysis of the firmware, thus making vulnerability discovery easier and device compromise through debugging interface possible)
  2. Potential illegitimate extraction or downgrade of firmware

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